Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the overriding reinforced conductor aluminum steel manufacturers in India. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced is widely used in overhead transmission line for primary and secondary distribution. It is manufactured of one or more aluminum as outer wire & wire stranded with zinc coated high strength steel core wire. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced is manufactured as per BS-2l5 (part-II), ASTM B-232, DIN-48204 and IEC standard. It provides excellent mechanical strength without compromising the ampacity. These type of conductors provide excellent design benefit for extra long spans, river crossing.

Technical Specifications

The mechanical properties of the core wire as per NS-259, IS 398 Part II: 1996.

Joint: No Joint of any kind are made in the finished coated steel wire.

Length: G.I Steel wire are made in lengths as designated by the buyers wit 5% variation.

Coating: Heavy zinc coating is done as required by IS-4S26-1979.

Variation: However less than 10% of the required length may be supplied in random length of not less than one third of nominal length.

Tests for ACSR Core wire: Various type tests & acceptance tests such as stress strain test breaking load test, ductility test, wrapping test, resistance test and galvanizing test are all done in our full fledged laboratory by our technically sound & experienced staff on a regular basis.

Some Technical Information Relavant to ACSR

The resistance of individual wires should be such that the completed stranded conductor meets the requirements of the maximum resistance specified in the ISS.

The sizes of stranded ACSR along with the required resistance & mass should be according to ISS.

The lay ratio of the-different layers along with ration the nominal diameter of the aluminum wires to the nominal diameter of the galvanized steel wires should be according ISS.

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