PVC Cable


We provide a large range of PVC cable & wire that is produced from quality GI Wire hot dipped PVC is the must effective insulation and offers excellent corrosion resistance and anti aging property and longer service life. We are well reckoned as one of the supreme cable & wire manufacturers in India. PVC Wire & Cable is manufactured from best quality PVC under strict quality control.

Aluminium Wire


Aluminium wire is used for grounding application as well as binding application in line construction. Manufactured as per ASTM B-230 / BS and IEC specifications, aluminium wire is available as per the specific requirements of valuable customers, spread all across the globe.

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced


Aluminum conductor steel reinforced is widely used in overhead transmission line for primary and secondary distribution. It is manufactured of one or more aluminum as outer wire & wire stranded with zinc coated high strength steel core wire. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced is manufactured as per BS-2l5 (part-II), ASTM B-232, DIN-48204 and IEC standard. It provides excellent mechanical strength without compromising the ampacity. These type of conductors provide excellent design benefit for extra long spans, river crossing.

XLPE Cable


We offer highly efficient aluminum conductor, which is manufactured consisting of one or more strands of E.C. grade aluminum. These wires are 99.7% pure and are used in transmission line in rural, distribution urban area where short spans but high conductivity is required. These have excellent corrosion resistance properties and are manufactured as per BS-2l5 (part-I) / ASTM B-230/23l, DIN-48201 and IEC standard. Today, we are well reckoned as one of the distinguished reinforced aluminium conductor manufacturers in India. Insulated aluminum conductor is widely used for overhead secondary distribution lines and is coated with weather proofing polyethylene or XLPE.

Aerial Bunched Cable


Aerial bunched cables (ABC) are a very novel concept for Over Head Power distribution, when compared to the conventional bare conductor over head distribution system. Insulated aerial bunched cables provide higher safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost. We stand among the predominant bunched cables manufacturers, in India.