Our Quality

Quality is the pillar element required for survival and growth of any organization. Prevention oriented quality reliability methods can significantly contribute to economic prosperity in any industry. Quality effort is no more an attempt in isolation, but a deliberate and integrated management system which demands total involvement and commitment of all concerned, from top management down to worker in order to imbibe quality in products.

The mottomanagementaims to achievethroughthe quality system is the fillment of customer requirement and attainment of costomer delight as our quality policy states:

“We at Himachal Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd, work for customer satisfaction by ensuring

  • Global standards of quality.
  • Precise communications
  • Continual improvement & on time delivery.

Himachal Wire is always pioneer for Its quality product Highly qualified engineers and technicians are constantly watching and controlling the quality of products at every stages of manufacturing.

Prior to processing, the raw materials (M.S. Wire rods, Zinc) are reconfirmed for their, physical, mechanical and metallurgical properties in our full fledged advanced laboratory by determining the Diameter, Tensile Strength Elongation, Torsion, Hardness, Fracture and chemical constituents such as Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Silicon, Manganese and other required properties.

Before wire drawing we take care for that treatment and borax coating. We care properly for the diameter and roundness during the wire drawing process.

Our Galvanized wire is thoroughly tested for weigh,t of Zinc coating followed by adhesion and tension test as per the required specification and “NS” Confirmation. Lot wise production with weight tag in individual bundle is our specialty. Frequent quality control at each check points with systematic and specified process is the secret of our quality control.

Each consignment of conductor & wire is exhaustively tested before dispatch clearance, by highly Qualified, Experienced and dedicated testing team.

The testing setup is broadly classified as follows:

  • R.M.Testing Labs.
  • Routine Testing for Conductor, LT Wires & cables.
  • Type Testing Labs include FR/FS/FRLS testing.

All the laboratories are equipped with the modern testing Instrument. All the instruments are under strict Calibration
and environment control.